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Alanya Destination

The natural beauty, extended summer season, historical and cultural treasures, sports and entertainment activities all add up to a true vacation paradise known as Alanya. With accommodation and transportation possibilities, Alanya has also become a fast developing tourism centre. As recently as ten years ago, there were only a few thousand people living in what was known as a small town, stretching out over several miles along the coastline. Alanya has the look of a large city these days. The population of this town, which is a favourite location of both domestic and foreign tourism, rises two or three times over between the months April and November.

The entire Antalya coastline remains tantalisingly warm eight-month of the year and the sea temperature does not drop below 20 C. For those, that desire a relaxing vacation, the sea, and sun of Alanya is enough to shake off any accumulated weariness experienced throughout the rest of the year. Leave the crowds and noise behind and lay your beach towel in a secluded spot along the famous sandy shoreline of Alanya, which stretches for several miles. For those holidaymakers who wish to relax and have fun at the same time is Alanya the right place. On the other hand, for those who enjoy adventure, Alanya is really an ideal vacation spot. Get out and explore the region’s natural beauty, cultural traditions, and various sporting opportunities. It will be an unforgettable holiday.

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