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Round Trip Bodrum - Canakkale

Round Trip > From Bodrum


1st day

After arrival transfer to the hotel in Bodrum. Dinner and accommoddation in Bodrum.

2nd day

After breakfast depart to efes. sight-seeing of Efessus follows. The most proved ruins of antique city on ground of Turkey and formely 3rd the biggest city of Romain Empire. There are better proved theatres and bigger temples in Turkey, but here has preserved all huge and important city and with small drop of fantasy you can imagine very well the life of people of this city. The temple of local patron – God Artemis, has been taken as one of antique sevem miracles of the world. You´ll see amphitheatre, where 28people could watch the exibition, effective buildings, fontains, temples and reconstracted library of Cels. Accommoddation and dinner in Bergamon.


3rd day

After breakfast Pergamonızılhavlu, Upon arrival in the ancient city of Pergamon, the tour begins at the rather impressive remains of the Acropolis which was once the cultural center of the Hellenistic Period. Just some of the highlights on view include the Library that once held 200 000 books, the steepest theater in Anatolia - Hieron, remarkable piece of engineering, Temples of Trajan and Dionysos, the Temple of Athena, the Altar of Zeus, the Sanctuary of Demeter, the terraced Gymnasium and the Agora. Acropolis also played an important role during the beginning of Christianity in the Roman Period, and one of the Seven Churches of the Revelations is located here: Red Basilica, originally a temple of Serapis and later concerted to a church by the Byzantines.depart to Troy lunch during way (Canakkale, in northwestern Turkey, has been the crossing point from Asia to Europe over the Dardanelles for centuries. King Xerxes of Persia crossed in 481 B.C., and Alexander the Great a century and a half later.) Troja(Troy), Asos(Assos, the famous teaching center of antiquity is 87 km south of Canakkale in Ayvacik County.
Aristotle, Plato's most famous student, was invited to Assos and spent over three years living and teaching there), Alexander Troya; Accommodation and diner in Canakkale.

4th day

After breakfast depart to Istanbul. first day sight-seeing: Visit Hagia Sofia-Temple of Godly Wise, which was built by Emperior Konstantin in 326 and after reconstruction by Emperior Justinian in 548 became the biggest sanctuary of then Christendom. After conquest of Konstantinopol by muslims were build up prayer towers (minarets) and Hagia Sofia serve as mosque. Today is here museum and even 14th century leave behind prints on the building, interier of huge minster will impress you surely. After visit of elegant mosque os Sultan Ahmet alias Blue Mosque with 6 prayer towers and beautiful inside ceramic facing follows. Midmorning sight-seeing will finnish with visit of Hipodrom, where you´ll see 20m high egyptian obelisk from time of Pharaon Tutmos III. and fontain gave by german Emperior Vilem II. in 1898. After lunch Then residency of sultans became palace Dolmabahce. The day will finnish with visit of Grand Bazar.
Dinner and accommoddation in Istanbul.

5th day

After breakfast you´ll visit palace Topkapi – late place of osman sultans. The palace was built as a summer residency of sultan Mehmet II. in 1468. Sulejman I. extended palace and then was used as a residency of sultans untill 1855. after lunch Bosphorus trip then depart to Bursa. Accommodation and dinner in Bursa.

6th day

After breakfast we´ll visit Green mosque and Green Mauzoleum in Bursa, which are jewelleries of islamic architecur from marble and faince. After lunch we will continue to Pamukkale. Accommoddation and dinner in Pamukkale.

7th day

After breakfast you´ll visit antique spa city Hierapolis, which was established as a treatment centrum of Pergamon´s king in 2 century B. C. Necropol, churchs, temples, amphitheatre and of course spa are situated here. Depart to Bodrum, Lunch on the way. Accommodation and dinner in Bodrum.

8th day

Bodrum-Airport transfer to the airport and departure.

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