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Bodrum-Ephesus-Bergama-Troy-Canakkale - Istanbul-Ankara-Cappadocia-Konya-Pamukkale

1st day Bodrum

Collection (according to the information contained in Table Departures).Flight to Bodrum.Greeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation and dinner.

2nd day Bodrum- Efes – Virgin Mary- Pergamon

Breakfast, drive to the Sanctuary Meryemana, where according to tradition, along with Saint. John came Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. Drive to Ephesus. Walk around the ancient city with its agorami, temples, libraries, theaters and ... houses of pleasure. In the afternoon drive to the hill of Pergamon. After the death of Alexander the Great Pergamon became one of the cultural capitals of the Hellenistic world. His name came to most European languages as a parchment, which was invented there. The reward for the effort spent on getting the summit is a majestic sight, stretching over the surrounding plains. Accommodation, dinner and overnight at the hotel in the area of Pergamon.

3rd day Pergamon-Troy-Canakkale-İstanbul

Breakfast, tour and visit the legendary Troy. Troy word evokes many associations - the story of the lovers Helen and Paris, a furious battle of Greek and Trojan warriors, the destruction of great cities, whose symbol is a huge horse made of wood, and finally the poet who immortalized it everything in the Iliad and Odyssey. Transfer to the ferry through the Dardanelles Strait, which connects the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara. Further drive to Istanbul.This marked the heritage of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires is now a modern metropolis, bustling, exciting, cosmopolitan city and full of contradictions. We can see this on the first evening, during an expedition in Taksim - a modern business district, full of artistic life (party an additional fee).Accommodation, dinner and overnight at hotel in Istanbul.

4th day Istanbul

Breakfast, full day tour of Istanbul, during which the At Meydani see - the old Hippodrome. Topkapi Palace - a huge palace complex, developed by Suleiman the Magnificent, which is the center of the state administration, and at the same expression of the power of the Ottoman Empire. His story captivates us Hagia Sophia - one of the architectural wonders of the world, the most important Byzantine structure of Istanbul while the subject of many disputes and controversies. While visiting the underground chambers Yerebatan Tank, where the ceiling is supported by 366 columns standing in the water, we can feel like a sunken temple. Another point of visiting the Blue Mosque, with six minarets caused a huge controversy, because it was the same as in the mosque in Mecca - the holy city of Islam. Opportunity to participate in the Bosphorus cruise, during which we will know the history and interesting facts connected with the old Istanbul (event additional fee). Dinner and overnight at hotel in Istanbul.

5th day Istanbul - Ankara - Cappadocia

Breakfast, drive to the capital of Turkey - Ankara. Visiting the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which brings together findings from excavations throughout Turkey, mainly connected with the civilization of ancient Anatolia.Then we will visit Ataturk's Mausoleum, where the president lies beloved Turkish nation, to which all official guests tend to pay tribute to the creator of the modern Turkish state. Drive to Cappadocia. Here is the first delight us underground, built on eight levels Kaymakli city. The complicated network of homes with stables, kitchens and wells, narrow tunnels will enter into the role of the cave - because that was in the tenth century was called the inhabitants of Cappadocia. Accommodation, dinner and overnight at the hotel in the area of Cappadocia. After checking the possibility to benefit from the "Turkish Night", during which the underground hall will enjoy a very colorful artistic program, we will know the folk customs, folklore, different areas of Turkey and we will be able to demonstrate their own talents such as the belly dance (party an additional fee).

6th day Cappadocia

Before breakfast the opportunity to participate in a hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia fairy-tale lands. Lunar landscape of this incredible land, provide an unforgettable experience, a lot umili sun rise from behind the mountains (event additional fee). Breakfast, tour of the most scenic panoramas, which will culminate in Goreme museum visit. In the place where - according to legend - once dug in the rock 365 churches, now available for exploring more than 30 of them. Some bear strange names like: Apples church or church Snake.Opportunity to participate in the show Sema Ceremony - dervish dance. The dancers in long white robes, perform an unusual whirling dance, in the hope of achieving mystical union with God. (Event additional fee). You can also give a relaxation and massage, using the famous Turkish baths Hamam (event an additional fee) Dinner and overnight at the hotel in the area of Cappadocia.

7th day Cappadocia - Konya - Pamukkale - Milas

Breakfast, drive to Horses. Residents of this city are famous for their piety, even though it works here one of the largest breweries in the country in the same town are non-alcohol sales. Visiting the Museum of Mevlana, where in the heart of the building contains the tomb of the founder of the Order of Dancing Dervish. Although the law has been solved by Ataturk in 1925, each year in December, held here Whirling Dervish Festival, attracting huge crowds of pilgrims. Transfer to the cotton fortress - Pamukkale. Lunch on the way, Walk the white cascades formed by flowing water saturated with calcium from the hot springs. The water is supposedly good for skin diseases, relieves rheumatism, asthma cure.Wading in small pools see beautiful stalactites, boilers, erosion, or fabulous terraces. Swimming in the pool of Cleopatra, where according to legend, the Egyptian queen been taking baths in thermal waters of rejuvenating and beautifying properties (bath an additional fee). Optional tour of the ancient city of Hierapolis with surviving in a very good theater and necropolis.Depart to Milas. Dinner on the way. overnight at the hotel near Milas.

8th day

After breakfast, transfer to the airport in Bodrum.

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