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Perge - Aspendos

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Perge, where Hittites had settled in 1500 B.C. there is 18 Km. far from Antalya. Perge is said to have been the oldest settlement region of Pamphylia. It was known that Saint Paul had stopped in Perge when Perge was the important city of pamphylia.
The ancient remains found in this city such as Agora, Hellenistic Gate, Roman Gate, Collonaded Street, Roman Baths, Gymnasium. Monumental Fountain, Acropol, Theather and Stadium are worth while to be seen by tourist.

Aspendos is an ancient city on the east of Antalya.
Aspendos theatre with 15.000 seating capacity is said to be the best preserved theatre in Asia Minor (Anatolia).
Aspendos theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the world history and a various attractions center such as Turkish folklore, Turkish Nights etc. The beautiful galleries of the theatre, stage decorations and most important of all, the acustic of the theatre reflects the talent of architect Zenon. Also visit the wonderful nature of Kursunlu Waterfalls.

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