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Cesme Destination

The Cesme Peninsula forms the Gulf of Izmir in the Aegean region of Turkey’s coast and is situated just west of the city of Izmir. On the very tip of this peninsula, surrounded by the waters of the Aegean Sea, is the little town of Cesme. This town got its name from the many water sources and springs in the area 'cesme' being the Turkish word for 'fountain' or 'spring'. A lot of these water sources are curative springs and thermal baths, especially those in the vicinity of Ilica, a resort area close to Cesme. Tourists can benefit from the numerous luxurious thermal spa centres situated along the coast. It is quite unsurprising, therefore, that this region is a very popular tourist destination.

Cesme and Ilica as travel destinations require more time to be properly enjoyed. That is why tourists are encouraged to spend as mush time there as possible. Bayside resorts are numerous on the Cesme Peninsula and provide excellent holiday accommodations, restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities for visitors. Romantic boutique hideaways, discreetly welcoming inns and even stately Pasha’s manses offer lodgings for travellers. But, this is not all Cesme has to offer.

Ilica, as well as being at the center of several touristic sites, is also known as one of Turkey’s most beautiful coastal areas, with lovely beaches stretching around clear blue seas. Swimming in the unspoilt bays is an absolutely peaceful experience. Another characteristic sight in this area are the fields, dotted with fig and gum trees, where aniseed, sesame and artichokes are cultivated.

The very popular thermal resorts of Sifne Pasa Limani, Buyuk Liman and Alaçati are located around Ilica, and so is the Bay of Boyalik. The best thermal baths in Ilica are those in Sifne Bay. They were described as the 'sea springs' by the Greek geographer Pausanius, who also praised their therapeutic effects as superior to any other spa in Ionia. They are famous for relieving the symptoms of rheumathism, arthritis, partial paralysis and digestive complaints.

The Altin Yunus Marina and Holiday Complex in Ilica is an outstanding resort. The bay there is particularly convenient for water sports enthusiasts, especially those who favor windsurfing and sailing. Campers are also welcome in Ilica, as the camp site at Pasa Limani offers very comfortable camping facilities. The International Cakabey Optimist Yacht race is held every July in Ilica Bay.

To the northeast of Cesme is Lidin another attractive destination not to be missed. Founded after the Trojan War, it was an important port of Erythrai its acropolis offers a very good view of the bay and the surrounding islands.

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